Refinery & Petroleum:

With decades of engineering experience supporting an innovative portfolio of technologies, BD Heat Recovery Division is a global leader in efficiency upgrades for the refining sector. Specializing in both grassroots installations and replacements, we offer dependable, long lasting solutions to serve your fired heater efficiency needs.

The leak-free plate heat exchangers that form the heart of our air preheating systems offer industry leading thermal efficiency in a compact and lightweight yet robust package that withstands the rigors of harsh refining operations to provide peak performance over a long service life.

With dozens of successful installations at major refineries worldwide, you can rest assured in our abilities to overcome your project challenges. Please Contact Us to learn more about our capabilities in the refining market.

Ammonia & Methanol:

Featuring peak thermal efficiencies over 98%, our counter-flow plate exchanger systems are particularly well-suited to recover heat from the larger volumes of flue gasses associated with large Steam Methane Reformer operation.

With optional, integrated Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) equipment, our APH/SCR hybrid systems offer unsurpassed efficiency and emission controls, allowing you to increase throughput and decrease fuel usage while keeping stack NOx safely below permit requirements.

Please Contact Us to learn more about how BD Heat Recovery Division can help optimize your reformer performance.

Waste Incineration (Power Plants):

As the final stage of the hazardous waste disposal process, our proprietary Compact DeNOx® technology is a highly compact, self-contained and fully integrated system that allows for efficient and dependable emissions controls cross a wide and often unpredictable NOx profile.

By post-heating the NOx-laden gasses with an efficient burner and passing them through the heat exchanger and catalyst bed, the system maintains the temperatures necessary to sustain the catalytic reaction. Autonomous, on-the-fly adjustments using onboard sensors ensure predictable performance regardless of variations in the NOx loading.

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