dscn0851-360x270BD Heat Recovery Division, Inc. provides a variety of Air Preheater (APH) units to service the heat recovery & efficiency requirements of customers in a wide array of industries. At the core of all of both APH systems are robust, plate-type heat exchangers that feature fully welded and sealed plates to ensure leak-free operation. When installed downstream of fired equipment, our APH systems are able to recover waste heat and recycle it back into the process through the incoming combustion air, thereby increasing overall efficiency and decreasing operating costs.

HEATEX® Heat Exchangers

Our HEATEX®-based APH systems feature a cross-flow plate-type heat exchanger design that utilizes fully welded, bent plates to achieve the required heat transfer. Incredibly robust by nature, the HEATEX® excels in lower-efficiency applications or in applications prone to more particle-laden flue gas streams that would foul other heat exchanger styles.

The HEATEX® is a highly customizable system and can be altered in size, material, and arrangement based on available space and process requirements. It also has the option to be staged, allowing the incoming air to create several passes across the transfer plates, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Compact (Gas/Air) or (Gas/Gas) Heat Exchangers

Compact (Gas/Air) or (Gas/Gas) heat exchangers feature a counter-flow plate-type heat exchanger design utilizing fully welded, dimpled plates as the heating surface. Our counter-flow systems provide unparalleled heat recovery efficiency while maintaining the most compact installation footprint possible.

Technical Specifications

Load: Pollutants such as sulfur, chlorides & flourides
Flow: Between 13,500 lbs/hr and 5,600,000 lbs/hr
Temperature: 1000°F Sustained
Pressure: +/- 80 WC
Efficiency: Approaching 97%


BD Heat Recovery Division provides customized solutions for optimum cold end protection: