The Compact DeNOx® System is a Clean Side Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system utilized in applications where flue gas temperatures are below the required operating temperature for normal catalytic reactions. This characteristic makes the Compact DeNOx® system perfectly suited for retrofit use in coal and wood fired boilers, Waste-to-Energy plants, hazardous waste incinerators, and other similar applications.

The Compact DeNOx® system uses a natural gas burner upstream downstream of a compact heat exchanger to maintain the flue gas temperatures at operating temperature required for catalytic reaction. Like our SCR systems, the Compact DeNOx® uses aqueous or anhydrous ammonia injection coupled with a SCR catalyst to ensure high levels of NOx reduction from the exhaust gas stream. The pairing of the burner and heat exchangers ensures minimal fuel usage while providing maximum gas reheating.

By design, the Compact DeNOx® is a highly compact, innovative, and lightweight piece of equipment utilizing a patented tower arrangement that requires very little plot space and interface complexity, therefore lending itself to installation in a wide array of locations.

The integrated compact heat exchanger and catalyst bed form a Compact DeNOx® system (US Patent 7,736,601B2 – EP Patent 1738819).

A DeNOx System can also be integrated with an Air Preheater when it comes to combine improved efficiency and reduction of NOx.

Equipment Features

Energy Saving Heat Exchanger Allows for Very Low Approach Temperatures
Scale Modeling Improves Catalyst Effectiveness and Minimizes Ammonia Slip
Very Low Maintenance Requirements
Very Simple Commissioning
Minor Space Requirements and Installation Complexity
Very High Efficiency
Low Pressure Drop