Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems feature industry-leading NOx reduction rates and efficiency capabilities that allow end users to confidently meet the increasingly strict requirements of regulating bodies worldwide.

Our systems utilize direct injection of anhydrous or aqueous ammonia into the flue gas upstream of a catalyst bed. The use of flow modulation devices such as Vortex Generating Mixers allow even distribution of reagent within the flue gas regardless of the complexity of the ducting, minimizing the amount of injection points and reducing the ammonia slip.

These highly variable systems can be installed as standalone units or upstream of an APH to guarantee that the performance of a given unit meets the specific needs of a project, regardless of application or reduction requirements. Each component to be provided is built to scale and extensively flow tested to ensure that after installation the unit will perform as designed.

With over a dozen SCR systems of various styles currently in operation worldwide and more coming online each year, BD Heat Recovery Division is recognized internationally as a leader in SCR equipment and technologies.

BD Heat Recovery Division can provide SCR system using either aqueous or anhydrous ammonia. BD Heat Recovery Division’s SCR system can reach up to 97% efficiency within a single reactor.


Using Vortex Generating mixers (VGM) allows excellent mixing within a short space.

This mixing technology combined with specially designed multi-nozzles dual flow injectors make the request for expensive vaporizers and AIG obsolete.


Equipment Features

Maximum Reduction Capability with Minimum Ammonia Slip
Maximum Catalyst Life with Simple Replacement
Standalone or Coupled with APH Systems
Minimal Operating Costs
Minor Impact on System Pressure Drop and Fan Performance
Very Low Maintenance